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Postpartum Chiropractic

arlington tx chiropractorsDon't go it alone!  Pregnancy and birth can be hard, and motherhood can be even harder. Chiropractic can provide great support as your body and your family are changing.

Pregnancy is a huge change for your body! Your pelvis and sacrum likely created their widest openings to make space for baby (especially in vaginal deliveries). Your abs potentially stretched apart with a diastasis recti. You may have torn or weakened your pelvic floor. And now, all the organs and joints are trying to go back... a change that could feel more abrupt than pregnancy!

After pregnancy, the hormone relaxin stays present in your system for at least six weeks. This is the chemical that helped your pelvis open and prepare for childbirth; now it is there to ease the changes after the birth. Breastfeeding moms experience more relaxin into their systems everytime there is a letdown, keeping things in flux for months or even years. This means there is more flexibility and less stability... thus your (gentle!) adjustments in the postpartum period can be the most effective and important ones. 

The frequent nursing and near-constant holding of baby while your body may feel less stable and is rapidly changing can feel like a lot... whether your pelvis feels wonky or your shoulders and neck are sore from staring at your little sweet one's face. Fill up your own cup, and care for yourself. Postpartum adjustments also include gentle postnatal stretches and exercises that won't take you away from your infant.