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Dr. Erin AndersonYour Perinatal and Pediatric Chiropractor in North Arlington, Texas. Dr. Erin Anderson, DC, FICPA's passion is for helping your family experience vitality and health from conception to high school sports. Dr. Erin loves connecting people to the healing power that lies within their own body.







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Dr. Erin Anderson chiropractic on patient​At Coherence Chiropractic we know that increased health means increased life.

Whether your goal is a child who sleeps or feeds better, to have a natural birth, to help your child through a sports injury, a functioning spine and nervous system can help. We remove interference in the spine that keeps the body from working its best. Our goal is to help North Arlington and surrounding area residents to live their healthiest so they can enjoy the things they love with the people they love… for all of life!

We combine technical skill, expertise in many areas of wellness, and a caring touch to restore health and hope in families and individuals.

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Chiropractic can provide natural prenatal care for pregnant women with headache, back pain, and more.


Chiropractic for Children


Chiropractic can provide safe, natural relief for pediatric patients. We can help your child lead the healthy life they deserve.


Chiropractic Wellness


Studies show chiropractic can boost immunity, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. Start improving your health today.