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Ear Infections

One of the most common reasons for children to see a pediatrician is an ear infection.  In fact, 85% of all children will suffer from at least one ear infection before their 1st birthday! 

To see a child miserable and unable to sleep well can create a feeling of helplessness and exhaustion for parents.  Desperate, most parents begin what can feel like an endless cycle of antibiotics, tubes, and surgeries.  The traditional approaches include:

Antibiotic therapy. This may be necessary and very helpful in some cases for acute bacterial infections.  However, most ear infections are viral, for which antibiotics are not only ineffective, but damaging to other systems in the body.

Tubes in the ears. Surgical implantation of tubes to help create artificial drainage, which requires the administration of  risky anesthesia.

Ear Infection in ArlingtonA Different Approach

In a recent study, 93% of all ear infections improved for children under the age of five who were supervised under a chiropractor’s care. 43% of the children improved within one to two visits, and 75% were better within 10 days or fewer.

Why? We check for neurological and structural disturbances in the upper neck that have direct control over the immune system and the muscles that control drainage in the ear.  If detected, we gently adjust the misaligned area to help your child’s body fight the infection better.  We also teach parents how to promote more drainage at home. 

We take your child’s care seriously and can offer an individual plan that will lead your child to health.  Chiropractic care can also save parents thousands of dollars compared to the cost of multiple rounds of antibiotics and surgeries.  Please consider chiropractic as an alternative method in N Arlington to help clear ear infections before turning to harsh alternatives.