Coherence Chiropractic

About Us

At Coherence Chiropractic we pride ourselves on offering the finest chiropractic care available within an environment of outstanding service. We consider it a combination of head (knowledge), heart (caring), and hands (application). The reason we see such great results at our office is because our patients are highly educated in how chiropractic works. We take your health seriously, and want you to understand what is happening every step of the way!

Since chiropractors are the leaders in wellness, our approach will include teaching you healthy lifestyle choices and will support you in adopting these choices for a lifetime. We hold monthly workshops and free patient dinners, where our focus is on helping you clear up any problems you might have now and, more importantly, prevent future occurrences which can often have more serious effects on your life. Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to do all of those activities you love for your entire life! After undergoing chiropractic care, you will discover that you are able to perform at a level higher than you ever imagined possible. We want you to envision what it would be like to feel and look years younger. What kinds of activities would you return to doing? Maybe you would even try something new with your rediscovered vitality. The sky’s the limit!